About Pope and Company, LLC

About Dr. James R. Pope, Jr.

Dr. Pope founded the Swimming Pool Operator Program in 1981. The program is the original, most up-to-date program in the state of South Carolina. He has written extensively in the field of aquatic management (3 national textbooks and over 50 articles). He is recognized as an aquatic management expert in administration and operation of aquatic facilities. Dr. Pope has over 47 years of experience in the pool and spa industry. He is a lively speaker who brings his experience to all who attend his certification/license programs.

The Pope and Company, LLC Team

The Pope and Company, LLC Team is comprised of the top aquatic professionals. Instructors have diverse backgrounds in aquatic operations, management, and water treatment. Instructors are consistently rated as excellent by students.


Pope and Company, LLC provide many services in the aquatic management and certification field. This includes the state of South Carolina Licensed/Certified Swimming Pool/Spa Operator Training Program. To learn more about this program please click below!


Dr. James R. Pope, Executive Director

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