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What People Say About Pope and Company

"Once again, Thanks for conducting such a helpful training program."


"Again, I want to thank you for the class. I learned so much!"


"Excellent program - Instruction and clarity very good."


"Dr. Pope is very personable and is a very good instructor, very very good!"


"Program is the 'Best' I have ever taken."


"Dr. Pope makes learning fun and very interesting."


"Great job - best program I have ever attended."


"Excellent program, excellent instructor, instructor and program are great!!"


"Instructor's explanation of pools - very good! Very well put together program - the best!!!"

"I so enjoyed the class. Very informative and real life experiences.

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and spend the day learning from you. You made my guys feel at ease and I know they are more confident now than ever.

Courtroom Litigation Support Services

Dr. Pope is a court certified expert in administration and management of aquatic facilities. His support includes research, rule interpretation, deposition, and courtroom testimony. He has been the lead expert in the State of South Carolina's largest aquatic-based lawsuit and has been a part of over two dozen aquatic-based cases. He is ready to help if ever the need arises.


Call Dr. Pope at 864-209-0707 to arrange services!

Public Swimming Pool/Spa Code Compliance/Engineering and Safety Audits

State of South Carolina Public Swimming Pool/Spa Licensed/Certified
Operator Training Program 2024

This program is the original course in the State of South Carolina.


It is SOUTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL approved. It is the State of South Carolina licensed and certified. Dr. Pope founded the program for the State of South Carolina in 1981. Dr. Pope is recognized as an aquatic management expert in the administration and operation of aquatic facilities. He is a lively, professional, and knowledge-based speaker who brings his expertise to all who attend his licensing and certification program.

Continuing Aquatic Education and Training Programs

Dr. Pope also conducts continuing education programs. From seminars dealing with swimming pool safety to aquatic equipment operation seminars. Certified/Licensed Lifeguarding, water safety programs can also be arranged.


For any questions call Dr. Pope at 864-209-0707.

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Dr. Pope can conduct specialized, intense risk management audits of public pools/spas to ensure the facility meets all state and national standards. Call Dr. Pope at 864-209-0707 to arrange this service.

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